KCMA Certified Cabinets from Bass Cabinet Manufacturing, Inc.

ANSI/KCMA Certified

Bass Cabinets have been extensively tested according to the rigorous standards set forth & governed by by the American National Standards Institute & the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association

Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Care should be taken during the use of cabinetry. the following instructions should be followed during use to avoid damages. Improper care will void any warranties.

• Do not allow water to puddle on any surface of the cabinets. If cabinets do become wet, dry them off as soon as possible.
• Do not hang rags over the edges of the doors or drawers.
• Do not place hot appliances such as toasters, deep fryers, or hotplates directly under the upper cabinets.
• Keep the cabinetry clean; remove grease or grime off of the surface of the cabinets using mild soap and a damp sponge.
• Ensure ovens and dishwashers have adequate seals on the doors to prevent heat loss.

During the process of tenants moving out, new tenants moving in, or annual check-ups, we recommend that a cabinet maintenance program be followed. This will help to ensure that the cabinets are long-lasting. Improper maintenance will void any warranties.

The cabinet maintenance steps should include:

• Clean the surfaces of the cabinets using mild soap and a damp sponge.
• Repair or replace any water-damaged pieces, if necessary.
• Repair or replace any tenant-damaged pieces, if necessary.
• Re-putty nail holes or seams, if necessary.
• Touch up any chips, cracks, or blemishes with paint or putty.
• Touch up the edges of the doors, drawers, and face frames with paint.
• Ensure seals on dishwasher and stove work properly.