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Our Traditional Line of Rigid Thermofoil Cabinetry
Choose from over 30 door style and finish combinations.

Door Styles : Shaker w/ Lines
Shaker w/ Lines
Finishes : Textured Ebony Grey
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GuntersvilleCollection by Bass

Rigid Thermofoil Cabinetry


  • Versatile — Available in over 30 door style & finish combinations

  • Non-Porous — Impermeable surface, great for use in kitchens & bathrooms

  • Consistent Finish — Known for consistent colors and wood-like finishes

  • Malleable — Allows for more complex designs, like raised panels & routed doors

  • Water-Resistant — Highly durable against water damage

  • Warp-Resistant — Highly effective at warp-prevention



  • Durable — Rigid vacuum-pressed vinyl, tough adhesive, & a solid base make Thermofoil cabinets incredibly durable

  • Low Maintenance — Stain-resistance & easy cleanup make Thermofoil cabinets a carefree solution for kitchens & bathrooms

  • Sanitary — Our traditional line of Rigid Thermofoil cabinets are covered with a seamless vinyl exterior, making a great germ-free surface

  • Realistic — Thermofoil cabinets can help you achieve that real-wood look for only a fraction of the cost

  • Affordable — Thermofoil cabinets are a cost-effective solution for both contractors & homeowners

  • Timeless — Since Thermofoil cabinets do not fade or warp, they will maintain their fresh new look for years

KCMA Certified Cabinets from Bass Cabinet Manufacturing, Inc.

ANSI/KCMA Certified

Guntersville™ Collection cabinets are extensively tested according to the rigorous standards set forth & governed by by the American National Standards Institute & the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association


Guntersville™ Rigid Thermofoil Cabinets

  • Doors
    5/8" Rigid Thermofoil; Full Overlay Doors
  • Hinges
    110° Rotation; Frameless; 6-Way Adjustable, Quick-Release Lever
  • Drawer Fronts
    5/8" Rigid Thermofoil; Full Overlay Slab Front
  • Drawer Parts
    1/2" PBI; White Melamine with Foiled Top Edge; 100 lb Epoxy Coated Side-Mount Drawer Guides
  • Wall Cabinet
    5/8" PBI; White Melamine Interior; Tops & Bottoms Dovetail into the End Panels
  • Wall Cabinet Adjustable Shelves
    5/8" PBI; Edgebanded Front Edge to Match White Melamine Interior; (2) 111/4" Shelves in 30" Tall Uppers Held with 5mm Shelf Pins
  • Wall Cabinet Backs
    1/2" PBI; White Melamine Interior; Full Width & Height of Cabinet
  • Wall & Base End Panels
    5/8" PBI; White Melamine Interior; Finished Ends to Match Cabinet Color
  • Base Cabinet
    5/8" PBI; White Melamine Interior
  • Base Cabinet Shelves
    5/8" PBI; Edgebanded Front Edge to Match White Melamine Interior; Adjustable; Full Depth
  • Base & Upper Cabinet Nailers
    1/2" PBI; White Melamine Interior (Dovetailed onto Shelves)
  • Toekicks
    1/2" PBI; Finished Exposed to Match Cabinet Color

  • Available Options

    Select from a wide range of hardware, accessories, & upgrades

  • Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Guides
    Available in both Economical & Premium versions
  • METABOX (Metal) Drawers
    Versatile metal drawers for panel or face frame cabinetry
  • Knobs & Pulls
    Available in 15 style/finish/size options
  • Plywood (X Band) Construction
    Crossband constructed cabinetry is durable & lightweight
  • Crown Molding
    Available in all 18 finishes
  • Base Shoe
    Available in all 18 finishes
  • Lightrail
    Available in all 18 finishes

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GuntersvilleCollection by Bass

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