KCMA Certified Cabinets from Bass Cabinet Manufacturing, Inc.

ANSI/KCMA Certified

We participate in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Certification Program (KCMA). Some of our product lines are certified under this program.

Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Improper care will void warranty.

  • Never store cabinets in a moist environment
  • Remove all excess moisture immediately
  • Store in dry and controlled environment (not hot, cold, or moist)
  • Maintain humidity levels (incorporate humidifiers or dehumidifiers when moisture in area is too
    low or too high)
  • Do not allow ovens or dishwashers to have direct exposure to cabinets (properly seal appliance)
  • Remove doors and drawers prior to utilizing ‘self-clean’ mode on oven
  • Utilize screwdriver; not drill when removing, replacing, or adjusting doors
  • Do not place hot appliances such as coffeemakers, toasters, deep fryers, or hot plates directly
    beneath wall cabinets
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on cabinets, i.e. thinners, oils, polishes, waxes, ammonia, bleach, etc.
  • Clean cabinets using mild soap and damp sponge
  • Do not hang or drape towels over edges of doors or cabinets

Other maintenance tips between tenants (not covered under our warranty):

  • Repair or replace water damaged cabinets, as needed
  • Re-putty nail holes and seams, as needed
  • Touch up chips, cracks and blemishes with paint or putty, as needed
  • Touch up edges of doors, drawers and face frames with paint, as needed
  • Inspect and repair or replace seals on oven and dishwasher