Our Commitment to
Safety & Risk Management

  • New Hire Safety Training
  • Drug & Alcohol-Free Work Zone
  • Open-Door Policy
  • Annual Contractor Safety Course
  • Bottom-Up Safety Approach
  • Process Improvement
  • Incentive Programs
  • Subcontractor Prequalification

We provide more than just
end-to-end cabinetry solutions

At Bass Cabinet, we are dedicated to the safety of our employees, customers, environment, & community, which is why we promote a culture of safety & accountability — from the bottom-up.

Our success is due in large part to our continuous commitment to fine-tune our processes — and safety practices are no different. That framework begins in the field, which is why we value input from all team members — not just organizational leadership. We believe that the extra investment leads to safer projects and end-products for everyone involved.

Bass Cabinet Manufacturing — Your End-to-End Cabinetry Solution

What makes Bass different

Our commitment reaches far beyond quality cabinets and on-time installation. Our Core Values are made up of 4 important pillars:


You have been the lifeline of our business for more than 40 years, which is why your satisfaction is our main objective — and our benchmark for success.


Success begins from the inside out, so we strive to ensure that each member of the Bass family has success and happiness at work and at home.


We aim to continuously reduce our carbon footprint, as well as ensure that our products are safe for the environment, you, & your loved ones.


We're all in this together, so we want to do our part by playing a positive role in our community, modeling excellence, and giving back wherever we can.

Bass Cabinets is Committed to Safety